Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grey Feather Toys order

Back in April GFT had a sale.

I received it earlier this month but failed to post about it.

It wasn't a big order, got a few toys and some stainless steel 2" washers to help attach things to the cage of the future Cape parrot as the bar spacing is slightly wider than the one for the cages of my smaller Pois.

The toys.

Well the main reason I ordered was for the Megaphone. Did it so hurriedly that I didn't notice there were two sizes. Meant to get the bigger one for future Cape but ended up getting the smaller one. Mind you, that in itself isn't a bad thing since I figured Joey would probably also enjoy such a toy and it's now in his cage.

I also though that Piper might enjoy a toy to bang around and the Tweedle caught my eye so I added one to my cart.

It looked so cute and there was one available in a larger size (Tweedle medium), I put one in my cart and it's now in Petey's cage (he does like toys to bang around as well).

Finally, I also got a cage invader because I also thought it looked neat and it now resides in Pixel's cage.

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Saemma said...

Nice Klang Klang Toys! I love them too! Did you know you'd be doing so much shopping this year?:))