Monday, May 23, 2011

Decked Out Stainless Steel Twirl

I decided yesterday night to start adding things to the stainless steel twirl toy base I received a little while ago.

So out came the containers of wood coins, wood beads and wood whatever as well as stringing material. I ended up using some paulie rope and some leather.

It ended up weighing rather heavy. Right now, it's not in anyone's cage and is on one of the play structures out in the living room so every bird can get a chance to chew at it.

View from the "front"

View from the "back"

This has once again done a noticeable dent in my wood coin reserves - good thing I'll eventually will have more coming from Things for Wings!

1 comment:

Caitlin is how You spell it said...

Those things look like they have so much potential to be used with anything. You made a work of art there! Always wanted to use one but my blind cockatiel wouldn't get much use out of it. :-P

Way cool.