Friday, May 20, 2011

Dashing Red-bellied

On my computer desk, I have a very basic perch that was sold to me as a foraging tray. Basically, it's a cafeteria tray with a raised pvc perch. Nothing fancy, but it does allow for a bird to be perched close to me when I'm on the computer.

Normally, it's Joey's hanging out spot. However, his sister has slowly taken a liking to it as well, since it means that she can be close to me when I'm spending time with Shade on me while at the computer.

Tonight, Joey started there. For whatever reason, he moved on and Pixel took his spot.
Later on, he wanted to come back, flew over, saw the spot was taken and flew back to the table where the Boy sits with his laptop (there are also two Java table stands on this table). He moved in on the Boy, meant to go up his arm but Petey was already on a shoulder (and Petey doesn't share shoulders) so I think he felt a little left out.

Eventually I took Pixel and faster than you can say go, Joey took off from where he was, and flew straight to the perch. I mean there was no way he was going to waste a second and risk loosing that perch again. He even slapped the Boy with one of his wings on the way over!

He's now happily sitting on the perch.

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