Friday, May 27, 2011

Fussy Meyer's learning to play!!

Petey isn't much of a lover of toys.

Sure, since I got him, he started playing a bit with things offered. He's more keen on things that are somewhat mechanical, but it doesn't last long. He likes to bash toys, but again, it's a temporary thing.

He's not much of a chewer. For years, I've offered wooden toys and nothing.

He even got his own custom T4W toy, which was mostly paper cups (he likes to shred paper) and leather and plastics and a tiny bit of wood. Not too long ago, I noticed he started chewing on the wood - not that I saw him do so, but there were little chunks missing.

But now, just now, he was on one of the atoms and we saw him chewing on a MPBT Avian Mini Maze Muncher toy! The same toy that he's been close to for a few months now and never even acknowledged it, now he was actually CHEWING!

So proud of him!


Coco said...

Yay!!!! Isn't it great when they FINALLY come aorund?? Lola surprises me every once in a rare while like that...

HungryBird said...

I love the way they ignore something for months and then start nibbling on it when they think you aren't looking.