Monday, May 16, 2011

Avian Organics - The Auction loot

A little over a week ago, Avian Organics hosted their first Facebook auction.

Most of the loot were items from the now discontinued line of Loros Naturales toys - Doris having chosen to concentrate on specific toys that would allow her to showcase sample sizes of her Avian Organics food items rather than just toys.

There were also a few food items to be won.

The bidding process was fun and I kept on top of things (I really wanted to win). At one point I believe someone thought they would sneak in at the last minute. The auction ended at noon Pacific, which the bidder didn't consider, swooping in just before noon Eastern..To be honest, I nearly made that mistake as well but figured I would ask for clarification before hand.

My package came today and I was really eager to open it. What did I get?

The food - two bags of Veggie bars (which is great because I was running low..), the equivalent of two bags of unsalted organic pistachios (also running low..) and some Cazuela (you guessed it, I was also running out of it).

The toys

These were called "Pod Cup Rattle" toys. I'm foreseeing Joey enjoying these.

The toys on the extremities were called "Concho" and the one in the middle "Sarita"

A lot of larger foot toys - which would be great for future Cape parrot.

A whole lot of smaller foot toys - which will be happily destroyed by the current flock of Pois.

This specific toy is still available. It's called the "Loro Explorador" and comes with some Mango Ginger Minis to put in the holes. It's a foraging toy obviously and it was added to the package before the auction at my suggestion (I really wanted to try it). While it might be a bit large for my current flock, I might just try it out of cage with them and if not, it'll go to future Cape parrot.

You might have also noticed the card mentioning free shipping. Doris had mentioned that she would include a surprise for the auction winner. I had looked frantically through the box when I first opened it, although what exactly I was looking for, I had no clue. When everything seemed to be accounted for, I figured I'd just take a closer look at the items I got, starting with the Loro Explorador and within the bag that contained the toy and treats was the card. It's a pretty awesome gift.

Finally, there is one last item.
This wasn't part of the auction. A longer while ago, Doris had mentioned possibly wanting to sell this item. So I contacted her and after setting for a price and all, she turned around and very VERY generously decided to offer it to me for free. It's a toy base made of stainless steel sold by Grey Feather Toys. This particular model she had had custom made and it's slightly shorter than the real model although still very big. My mind is already busy at work with trying to figure out what I will be making with it.

So, once again, thank you soooo much Doris!

A little side note - I've been rather consumed with posting about baby Cape updates and that combined with Blogger having been down for a while a few days ago, that I've neglected (if you can call it that) to post about other items that I have ordered/received over the past week. I couldn't resist posting about the auction items though and will probably eventually get to the others, having made a small order at Grey Feather Toys, one at Things for Wings and having received items from a forum friend.


Nikki said...

Wow, what an awesome win! You're going to love the twirl! I can't keep Asher & Oliver off of it. Asher perches on top and plays while Oliver plays with the bottom half.

Coco said...

WOW!!! That is a seriously amazing auction win!!! That's SO nice of her to include the Sterling Twirl and the free shipping!!!

Also... I want to see your other orders!!! :D