Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some beautiful natural wood perches

A little while ago Things for Wings was having a sale on perches - buy 4 get one free. These perches will be discontinued as the supplier will stop making them.

I had actually toyed with the idea of getting some wood perches as I found my selection at home was lacking. So that was the perfect occasion to stock up.

As tempted as I was by willow, seeing how easy it is destroyed by the ravenous beaks in this house, I thought I might get something a little harder to destroy to allow these perches to last a bit longer.

So I chose mostly perches made of ocotillo as well as a few perches made of elm. For whatever reason I had delayed my shipment and later on Danita had received a new shipment of perches and within it was mulberry. The description seemed to be of a nice perch, I asked for a picture and ended up buying one.

The three perches at the left of the picture are 12" long and are intended for the unborn Cape. The thicker perch is the mulberry perch and the picture just doesn't show how nice it is.

To the left there are 7 9" perches that will go to the smaller Pois. The first two are elm, the five other are ocotillo and I really like the pattern on those perches.

The last perch is a 6" elm perch for Piper.

I also found a few foot toys that looked neat.

And while the buy 4 perches, get 1 free sale is over, the concept was so popular that there is currently a buy 4 of the same, get 1 free sale at Things for Wings!

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