Monday, May 23, 2011

Joey and Zuri enjoying the new twirl toy

I put up the toy on a hanging gym I had purchased a few months ago when a local store was undergoing renovations and wanted to get rid of a few things that were taken up place and therefore had a considerable sale on the items in question.

In the past, the atom had been hanging from the ceiling but that particular hole didn't do and the atom fell. So instead of trying it back up and risking another incident with possibly some injury, using the gym as support seemed perfect. And I could put the new toy on it as well!

Joey did the most damage to the toy today, chewing off a few pieces of balsa and some beads while Zuri mostly just chewed here and there.

These pictures will give you a sense of scale for the toy. The birds are sitting on a medium size Mother Pluckin' atom, which the website describes as being 18" in diameter.

This first picture was taken with all natural light. I deemed it a bit dark and took the flash out for the next few pictures.

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Saemma said...

Wow!! That gym is amazing! I had seen it in the past at a petshop but had no idea how great it could be until your photos! Glad to see some powerful poi beak taking care of the hard balsa! LOL!! Bwahahaha!!