Monday, May 2, 2011

mumm's sprouting supplies!

They have arrived - and with a day earlier than the estimated date of arrival (I can also point out when Canada Post does something right!)

I forgot I got so many sprouting jars! Which is great because I can sprout a bit of each of the seeds I got all at once! However, I didn't really think of logistics when it came to putting the jars away. Unless I find space in one of the cabinet, the jars will have to live on the counter. But given how much I've been sprouting lately, it's maybe not a bad thing.

So, what did I get?

The sprouting jars of course.

Sensible amount of seeds. In order, from left to right: broccoli, kamut, mung beans and green kale.

Not-so-sensible amount of seeds - 1kg worth of quinoa.

I already have some sprouted seeds from the Avian Organics Avian Vitality mix in the fridge as well as a new batch on the go since yesterday, which means I won't start the new stuff until I'm done with those (or at least until the current batch is done and ready to serve). But I can't wait to try out the new jars and different kind of seeds!

The customer service was good, the shipping was fast. The order arrived nicely shipped. Depending on how the sprouting goes, I'll definitively order again.

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