Monday, July 25, 2011

A Grey Feather Toys order

Yes another order, although this one wasn't very big being comprised of only three items!

However, the main item was a custom made item. I kept reading about these great tight woven cotton perches over at Coco's blog and I figured why not get one for Léa. I wanted this perch be the "main" perch, to go from one side to the other of the cage so it had to be pretty long. As well, I wanted something solid and given these perches were made using a core stainless steel wire. It was shipped in a long box, the perch not bent on itself. I did try to bend it a bit for the purpose of picture taking, but it was a rather hard feat to accomplish. Nonetheless, I've very happy with how it came out!

I also got Léa a Super Megaphone. I had intended to do so in an earlier order but ended up ordering the regular size, which was perfect as I also debated getting one for Joey and that way Joey got his. The Super is definitively larger than the regular size and I also got the two o rings welded shut (for a little extra cost). It's quite shiny and I'm curious how Miss Léa will like this one.

Finally, I got Piper a little something as well. Although he's not too big with playing with toys, he does like the shred straw-like material and he does enjoy beating a toy up and if there are beads/rings to move about then it's just fun! This one toy seemed to have it all - I believed it's called the Stir Crazy.

With the addition of the rope perch, Léa's cage is pretty much "complete". I do have to rearrange things in it though, as I've crowded it with too many toys at this point and I will want to take some out and move the others around to be sure that there will be plenty of room to move around. As well, given she might still be a bit clumsy when she'll arrive, I'll want to have a few more perches in there to help her move around, more than I probably would typically have in there, so the next step will be to find a configuration of toys/perches that will make me happy!

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