Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week-end Sprouts

Here are some sprouts I either started Thursday or Friday evening (soaking) - I can't really remember. Also showcasing the two sprouting vessels I like the most right now.

My Bio-Snacky containing broccoli sprouts. These seeds only soak for two hours before starting the rinse/grow cycle.

It's made of glass, is really easy to clean. The holes in the lid are very small, which allows for sprouting very small seeds (such as the broccoli seeds). It's tightly fixed to the glass container so no accidental risk of everything ending up in the sink when rinsing/draining (it has happened to me with another vessel which was closed at the top by a mesh/rubber band). The prop-up leg is also very convenient to allow water to drain properly (I normally place the Bio-Snacky on a plate during that time).

This is the one I had for the longest time, this time I've sprouted Avian Organics Vitality Sprout mix in it. These have soaked over night before starting the rinse/grow cycle.

It's made in Quebec with safe plastic, I can't remember the exact name of the brand. It comes with two containers, one with holes in the bottom to allow drainage, one with no holes that you put the other one in to capture the water being drained out. I also sometimes use this one alone when soaking, as the plastic does have a tendency to stain so I figured there is no point of exposing both containers to the water all the time. It also comes with two lids, one with holes, one without and I tend to only use the one with holes (see no point in changing and when the sprouts are growing, it allows for better air circulation).


HungryBird said...

Did you order your Bio-Snacky online or did you buy it in a store? What is the mesh on top made out of?

Natacha said...

Saemma from Avian Avenue got me one, as I knew a store in her city that sold them. Still trying to find a spot online where I'll be comfortable ordering one.
The top is made of plastic.