Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Knight in shining armour

Or at least that is what he seems to want to be..

Lately, each time that the big bad Petey has tried to dive-bomb me, Zuri has tried to "protect" me by trying to get to Petey. Of course, I try to keep both of them apart in this occasion, but the effort is cute. And when the Boy takes Petey away to the birdroom after these attacks, Zuri is always huffed and puffed up while Petey is still in view.

The fact that I'm blogging about it now is because it has happened once again right now. In view to trying to calm Zuri, I picked him up and had him on my shoulder where he proceeded to preen my hair.

He might not want one-on-one attention too frequently, but I still think he cares about us!

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