Monday, July 4, 2011

Oliver's Garden Order

The order I placed with Oliver's Garden at the last Sidewalk Sale has arrived today.
The contents were absolutely amazing! Everything in there just convinced me that I will be a faithful customer...

First off, the "Hollywood and Vine", a toy I picked up for Piper hoping that the wood would be thin enough for him and he normally likes chewing on the vine toys so it seemed ideal for him.

For Shade, Zuri and Joey, I got the small Chunky Monkey, as the slabs are a bit thinner (compared to the medium) and very much to their liking.

The Meyers got brand new swings! I believe they are the 8" model, the same size as what Pixel already has. Petey will get the green one and Zuri the blue one.

For Miss Léa, I had to get this adorable toy - U Crabby. The moment I saw it, I wanted it. It's even cuter in person...and I might be a little sad to see it get destroyed.

I also got her a Platform Perch. I was eyeing it for a while and then when I saw that Coco (from Coco's Blog) had got one for her Cape Lola, I figured that Léa also needed one. I might keep this one out of her cage at first though, wanting to see how comfortable she is getting around before I put a perch that has some holes in it.

That was it for my part of the order. Susan had hinted to me that my box was *very large*. Well here is why..

Turns out that Miss Léa has two very special people who have decided to spoil her before she even officially joined the family. These two people I have got to know through the Avian Avenue Forum. Both I consider good friends and love to share tidbits of parrot knowledge with them.

The first gift was this beautiful round orange swing given to Léa by "Saemma" (username on Avian Avenue - you can read more about her birds on her blog, Emmalogue). It wasn't an entire surprise as she did approach me to let me know of her plans. She did, however, decide on the colour in conjunction with Susan at Oliver's Garden. It looks perfect and I'm sure Léa will have fun with her orange swing!

The other part - well this was an entire surprise, completely unexpected! Doris, from Avian Organics, got Léa this beautiful Anchor swing. I had seen pictures but it didn't prepare me for how HUGE the swing is. And the rope portion just convinced me that I will have to get a Crawler from Oliver's Garden one of these days!

Finally, there were a few last things, all included in one bag. Susan and Oliver had sent a few toys for baby Léa as well, a taste of Nova Scotia as it was described.

I am beyond happy with everything, expected and unexpected, and I do recommend you try some toys from Oliver's Garden!

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