Friday, July 29, 2011

Why eat when you can play?

I received a Léa update from the breeder a few minutes ago.

It appears that Léa has started to lose some weight (she's down to 320g). The breeder said it was normal and not to worry and since I did read on a few occasions that babies do loose a bit of weight as they wean, I am not worried. She also said that it should stabilize soon. In fact, the breeder described Léa as quite the playful bird and she's been flying more and more, getting quite good at it and managing to land most of the time where she initially meant to go to. All that new exercise is bound to make a difference. She's also eating less of the formula yet isn't eating enough of the regular food so the breeder is still insisting on feeding her three times a day although the intake doesn't seem as much as it once was.

She loves to play with her toys (I did ask if she seemed to have a preferred toy) and she also loves to play with the Greys, which involves her jumping on them. They, in return, don't quite seem to understand what she's up to and they often just look at her as if to say "What ARE you DOING?"

She did turn 10 weeks old yesterday! Two weeks shy of being a full 3 months of age.

There weren't any pictures this time, but I did get a promise for more to come, the breeder just needs to retrieve her camera from her son first.

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