Sunday, July 3, 2011

July visit with Léa

Today I got to visit Léa!

This was my second time seeing her, although I'm sure she did not remember me, seeing how she wasn't even a month old when we met.

When the Boy and I arrived, the breeder let us in and led us to her dining room and I immediately spotted the container which had Léa and her two African Grey friends. The breeder put a blanket on the table and brought the container to the table and let them out.

And something awesome happened the moment Léa was let out - she did come straight to me once she did spot me, as fast as her awkward feet would carry her. She cooed a bit and allowed me to scratch her head. She was staying very close and looked up at my face often - how can one not melt??

She was adorable. She was very active at first and towards the end of our stay there, she started falling asleep. And I had her sleeping very close to my chest. I scratched her head quite a bit during that time.

There was one heartbreaking thing though - at one point the Boy tried to get her attention and tried coaxing her to come to him and she didn't really go - the sad look on his face..poor thing. However, I think Léa made up for that initial blow off later when she did go to him and played with a toy while being near him and even on his arm for a while. She even let him scratch her head. He was so pleased, that on the ride home, he did tell me that after meeting her, he was much more excited about the thought of having her join the family - he was always very supportive but I think Léa just got a new fan!

It was fun to see her play too, with toys and with her African Grey friends. She was extremely curious and was climbing on and off our arms. She is also still a very awkward baby, was tripping over her own feet from time to time and spent a lot of time stretching and even flapping her wings!

She'll be seven weeks old next Tuesday and the breeder let me know she was now weighing close to 350g!

Some pictures - and these are a mere sample of what I took. I'll probably post more later on of my own pictures of Léa, of my pictures of her older brother who is a pet of the breeder, maybe some pictures of the baby Greys as well. And I haven't yet even looked at all the pictures the Boy took and I'm sure some of those will also make their way to the blog in due time.


With her Grey friends

Must preen


Looking very pleased with herself!

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ming-ming said...

She is SO CUTE!
It's amazing how much she weighs!!!
Douglas is like only 150g!