Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday ramblings

It appears in July I've always been ahead in my posts, as I am trying to keep an average of one post per day, and have the same amount of posts as there are days in a month.

This particular post will consolidate a whole bunch of things that probably could very well be posted on their own.

This afternoon, I decided to whip the camera out and take random shots. I decided to stick to natural light and while it was very nice within the apartment, I still needed to shoot with high ISO levels to keep from using the flash and there were still shadows present. Shade and Piper were both sitting on the Java tree reasonably close and I found them very cute as both looked really relaxed. So I tried taking a few shots, this one was the best although it came out a bit soft.

Eventually I had to stop as the peaceful scene had been troubled by another bird; which one I couldn't say as both Red bellies and Zuri were particularly energetic and prone to fly anywhere and chase other birds, just for the fun of it. Well that applied to Zuri and Pixel. Joey, for the most part, just was in crazy mode and you could see it in his eyes - he had a crazy look going. You can see it a tiny bit in these pictures, although these were taken when he was a bit calmer..

He also, at one point, was just climbing all over the Boy, trying to squeeze himself under his leg while the Boy was sitting at the computer..he wouldn't stop.

Piper, on the other hand, was very angelic. He didn't want to spend all his time out on me, which is a rare occurence, but wherever he went he was very calm and did his own thing. He was also posing in a very cute fashion.

Earlier today I had meant to write an update blurb on the Wingdow. All birds now seem to enjoy it! Shade is also doing this funny/annoying thing where when Pixel decided to go on the Wingdow seat, she'll try to go on it at the same time. It would be mostly funny if both got along great but it's not the case. And the moment Pixel goes off, she looses interest for a bit. However, it does happen where she wants to go on it on her own and she seems to enjoy watching the outside world. Piper also started to go on his own and also seems to enjoy being closer to seeing what is going on outside. Finally, Joey has gotten over his fear of it and will even do his purr of approval when he's on it. I figured why not take pictures of these guys on it as well, but reluctantly had to use the flash as the birds would either all be underexposed or the outsides would be even more overexposed than they turned out to be..



As I couldn't decide which one of these of Piper to post, here are two..

Finally, when I took these last pictures of the birds on the Wingdow seat, I ended up with an unexpected "assistant" who thought the external flash (which was mounted on the camera) would look better with less buttons on the back. How was he getting access? Well look for yourselves..

For anyone wondering why Petey isn't really featured in this post, he spent a fair chunk of the afternoon in the birdroom as he tried to dive bomb me a few times in the course of the afternoon.

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