Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New skewers

The last of my delayed-by-the-mail-lock-out packages arrived yesterday.

My new Expandable Habitat skewers, which I got during their by three of a kind, get one free sale last month. I got 16 total in two different sizes - eight 6 1/2" skewers as well as eight 11" skewers. That way , the Pois (including Léa) will get one of the smaller ones, the leftover two will be Piper's and then every Poi (including Léa) will get one of the longer skewers, meaning I'll have two extra to rotate.

I made a batch of "greens" this past Sunday, so I'll want to finish that first, but I can't wait to try skewering some larger chunks of food for the birds and seeing if they'll enjoy food that way. The skewers are also to act as a toy base.

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