Saturday, July 16, 2011


"The Truffle got immediately green bowled"

-The Boy

This was heard earlier this morning and I think this one deserves some explanation though. Petey has this green bowl in his cage, it is the bowl that holds his pellets. But when we offer him something else he likes, whether it be through the cage bars or in the bowl his "meals" come in (breakfast or dinner), he takes it and puts in his green bowl for later consumption. It's like he knows he better take it and put it somewhere safe to enjoy later if he's not in the mood right away.

This does point to the fact that he, as the other Pois, enjoys those Avian Organics Truffles!

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HungryBird said...

That's really funny! Squeaky's way of showing his approval is to pick something up and walk over to a flat object where he lays it down to eat the whole thing to make sure nothing is lost.