Saturday, July 30, 2011

Léa's cage

Before I even knew of Léa's existence in egg form, I had started setting up a cage for a Cape. The cage set-up has changed a few times over the course of the last few months. With Léa's arrival getting closer and closer, last week I decided to rearrange things again, but with the idea of doing something that might work, which meant uncluttering the cage a bit from a few toys.

While chatting with a friend who will also shortly be bringing a baby Cape home (from a different breeder), the cage set up topic came into discussion. She wanted to see what I had done so I took a few pictures to send to her.

Those pictures are also shared below - the set-up is by no means final and tweaks might still happen. In fact, I already took out a pinata toy that was in one of the corners, not feeling entirely comfortable with it in the cage. I'm considering possibly adding another small perch where it was located, high up in the cage to provide Léa with an alternate perch to roost on at night.

View from the front.

Open front door, grapevine perch, which I might substitute for another type of perch.

Left hand side - the pinata in the back is no longer there. The natural wood perch is a mulberry perch from Things for Wings. Grey Feather Toys Super Megaphone attached to the cage and the hanging wooden toy is from Les Jouets Rosie. The orange swing is from Oliver's Garden.

Middle of the cage - the white cotton rope perch is from Grey Feathers Toys. The platform perch is from Oliver's Garden. The stainless steel bucket I've had for years and don't remember where I got it from. There are already a few foot toys in there from Things for Wings and Oliver's Garden.

Right hand side - the cotton perch was bought at a local pet store. The skewer toy is a combination of an Expandable Habitat skewer (this one I bought used locally) and the wood on the skewer is a combination of wood from Mother Pluckin' Bird toys and Things for Wings. The other toy with more strands was made by me, the toy parts came from Things for Wings and Les Jouets Rosie.

Left hand side again - wanted a better picture of the Super Megaphone and the mulberry perch.

I find this seems to provide Léa with things to entertain herself while still allowing her to have free space to move around. While I think I might just tweak the setting a little before she comes, seeing how she is able to move around and how she actually seems to like the cage might dictate bigger changes to come. I also did share these pictures with the breeder and she seemed to like the set-up very much.

On another note, I did ask the breeder when she thought Léa would be ready to come home, if things continue as they are now for the next few weeks and she said probably in 3 weeks. Again, this is nothing set in stone and it might take a little longer, but it's still nice to know!

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Anonymous said...

It looks great!! It's going to seem like no time before she's home with you. Your cape dream will finally be realized! :)