Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wingdow Seat x 2

Since I was very pleased with the medium sized Wingdow seat and that the birds would queue up to use it, I decided a few weeks ago to ask Aleta if she had any "irregular" large Wingdow seats left. Seeing how she did, I decided to purchase one. I went the size up figuring every bird from Piper to Léa could use it, whereas I think Léa might be a bit cramped on the medium one.

The seat arrived last Friday and it's been a success, just like the medium sized one. I once again upgraded the perch from dowel to dragonwood and I also purchased another toy hook.

Aleta said that the imperfection on this one was a small wave in the plastic in one of the corners or side I believe but I can't really see anything.

This time around, the first bird to test it out was Joey (who was the last one to try the medium sized one). He seemed quite at home on it and explored every accessible inch of it.

..and he was even comfortable enough to preen whilst on it!

The Red bellies also had a starting contest with the outdoors. It's just funny to see them both concentrated together. I was also quite surprised by how whatever they were looking at outside managed to keep Joey's attention for so long..

Shade and Zuri were even sharing the big one at one point, but it didn't last too long once I came around with my camera and Shade just left. But I did manage to get two shots that I liked.

At first, I was disappointed that the flash didn't fire when I took this one, but honestly, I like it more each time I look at it as is.

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