Sunday, July 24, 2011

Léa and her great outdoors adventure

This morning I had two emails from Léa's two breeders in my inbox. The lady who is raising her wrote first, saying that the breeder with Léa's parents will be sending pictures my way shortly and that I'll see that Léa spent quite the interesting day yesterday. She also mentioned that Léa flew for the first time yesterday! The breeder with Léa's parents said that they had gone to the park, both breeders, Léa and her African Grey friends. The pictures I received were taken at the park. Léa got to visit the great outdoors and, from the look of the pictures, spent the time in her Aviator harness. Given how both of these breeders are health freaks and wouldn't do anything to harm the babies or their flock at home, I do trust that they did this knowing the babies would be safe.

I was told that Léa had tried to fly on her way to the park, but had been unsuccessful. However, while at the park, she finally managed to take off and landed on this bicycle seat all on her own! This was her first successful flight! I'm so proud of her!

Finally, some pictures of her with her Grey friends, one of which seems to find that the Aviator strap makes for an interesting chew toy.


violetpie said...

wow! that would really be amazing to get her used to the harness...she's looking so grown up now. You're so lucky that she's being so well cared for while you wait...

Deep Thinker said...

Love the pictures! It's so neat to see how Lea (and the grays) have grown so much!