Thursday, July 7, 2011

Twice as much Things for Wings

After Canada Post figured they had held my Things for Wings package hostage long enough, it finally showed up to our door today.

Two orders it contained. I had Danita hold one knowing I was going to make a small order during the Sidewalk Sale and that way I could save on shipping.

The first order, which also occurred during a sale - but what it was I don't remember for sure, possibly 15% the whole store - comprised of the following:

Two more elm perches for Piper.

Some willow coins - and I am very very sad that I didn't order more....

Cholla chunks, which were bought in bulk. They have thin "walls" for the most part, which the birds will enjoy destroying. I'll keep the thicker ones for Léa.

A few more toy bases.

Some paulie rope - which is great because I was running out.

Not part of that order, but purchased around time was this swing. The coins are willow and so is the perch. The green portion are bands of fleece, which attach the coins to a chain. Given the size, it'll probably be for the smaller Pois and Piper, provided any of them want to try it out when I put it up!

Now for what was ordered during the Sidewalk Sale:

Some cottonwood slim stacks - an item that won't be regularly featured. What she has is what there is.

Some willow slim stacks - I don't think any slim stacks are left..

And I got a free busy basket - but I'll have to figure out what to do with it. It came with zip ties so I assume it's meant to be attached somewhere.

Finally, it appeared the list of Léa's benefactors has grown. Within the box was a small bag with a card and...two other toys. Turns out another member of Avian Avenue, Andor, wanted to spoil little Léa and got her these:

The Boy has argued wanting to call Léa "Princess" (yes as in that chick..) and I resisted but given the continuous gifts, I might just have to partake in it..

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