Sunday, January 29, 2012

29:365 - Missed opportunity

At first glance, I'm sure there is some confusion about why I chose to title this picture like I did.

I love the picture, don't get me wrong. is truly a missed opportunity.

Zuri was showing signs of restlessness and not wanting to "pose" for much longer so I snapped pictures as fast as my camera's focus and flash regeneration would allow me. I snapped this one and, a few seconds later, Zuri lifted both his wings up. That shot, to me, would have been quite amazing. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to take another picture, he was done with his stretch and both wings were back down...and he promptly turned his back to me, signifying the end of the photo shoot, lest I would want to take pictures of his back.

What I got is still a pretty wonderful picture though and I guess I should consider myself lucky to having been able to at least catch one wing being lifted.

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