Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Forager

Zuri likes to forage.

If the other birds don't eat a specific item after a few tries (at the one item), we'll hide the treat in the bird room and Zuri will, each time he's let out in the bird room, take a look around the typical hiding spots for these items.

As well, if we give treats (Avian Organics cookies or nuts) in the living room and the others happen to drop the item below where they are perching from, well you know that Zuri will eventually find them.

It seems this concept is now applying to items he generally will reluctantly touch (although he's got a little better) - vegetables.

A little before dinner, I had prepared a mix of different cut vegetables, which included broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red bell pepper, hot chili pepper, pomegranate, golden beet root, rainbow chard and black kale. Because Nemo kept flying to me in the kitchen, I threw a few pieces of carrots and broccoli in a bowl and put that bowl on one of the perches in the living room to keep him busy. Well I forgot to put the bowl away and Zuri found it...and is now munching on a piece of broccoli, a vegetable he particularly doesn't seem fond of when he's in his cage.

Eh..whatever works!

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