Thursday, January 5, 2012

The colours of Léa

Some pictures from tonight.

Her orange/coral feathers on her right wing were showing a bit more. There are two obvious feathers so far. The first one (the most outside one) is more on the orange side whereas the second one is more coral. The same thing happened with the colours on her ankles - the feathers first grew in more on the orange side and then came in coral.

A picture of Léa climbing the cube (she had been hanging upside down from it minutes before). You can see how nicely coral her right ankle is getting. The left one still needs to grown in more feathers. You can also see how grey her bib is getting.

Finally, a picture of her head. I was looking back at pictures I took of her when she turned 6 months old had had started to get the splotchy head look. So very little of that initial orange on her head is left. However, the number of little coral feathers at the very front is going up and I recently found a new coral pin feather there.

If I calculated right, she's 236 days old now.

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