Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31:365 - Egg Bird

Actually, egg seems somewhat inappropriate seeing how almost round she looks.

Today I tried something different. I generally take the pictures in the evening during the week and I generally take the "bird of the day" out first so I can get an uninterrupted photoshoot. While this appeared helpful in the case of Petey and to some extent Zuri, it seems to have made the others more "rigid". I didn't intend to change the routine quite yet but I did, thanks to Shade, who's turn it was to be taken in picture.

She was preening early this morning and was looking rather cute all along. The "egg" picture was the first one I took - and while I have a few pictures where she's looking at the camera with a coy expression on her face (which I might post later on here), the egg one was the winner because it was different.

I'm thinking I might no longer confine myself to that one-on-one photoshoot anymore..

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