Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 years ago today...

..Zuri joined the family!

In those three years, I think he really starting coming into his own. While there is still progress to be made with his trusting humans, I think he's really become more comfortable around the Boy and I. Lately he's been really coming to us to scratch his head since it is full of pin feathers and Shade doesn't seem to keen to want to help him of late and will quickly put her head down in front of him so he'll take care of hers..without really returning the favour.

Things I'd like to work with him this year - train him to go into his carrier better as that is often a battle and to train him to step up on hands a bit better. A few bad bites in the past have deterred me of offering him my hand most days, specially in the morning when it's time to go back in his cage as he's very snappy then. Luckily, he's perch trained and will step up on one of those readily.

I had thought to stick to pictures I took earlier this week but as I was about to post, he decided to hang upside down above me and I just couldn't resist taking new ones. Here are more of him monkeying around upside down!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bird. Just happened upon your blog, when I was looking up info on meyers parrots.

Natacha said...

Thank you!