Friday, January 27, 2012

27:365 - He looks happy..

I am finishing up the fourth week of this 52 weeks project.
Which means I still have 48 different pictures of each bird to take.

While I *think* some of the others might play along well and give me something a little different each week to post, some I fear will give me more of the same.

Petey is one of those birds. I basically, at this time, can only really take pictures of him on the atom since it's the only place he'll allow me to without trying to immediately jump on me. And he doesn't have many poses - it's just how he is. I could easily get many blurred head shots of him since he likes to move his head so much when the camera is out (a dancing machine he becomes).

He generally hates the camera - but at least on this picture, I think he looks happy.

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