Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The look

I've been giving Léa nuts that are still in their shell lately.

Almonds are now a joke for her (not that they've ever really been difficult..)

She's figured out walnuts as well.

Hazelnuts gave her a harder time at first, but I think they were good for her as she's been quite beaky lately, possibly because her beak in in a growth spurt, and they are the perfect size for her to chew on for a while (unopened).

Well she's recently started to figure out how to snap them open quicker and quicker.

Just now she had a hazelnut, opened it and carefully lifted the nut out, gently put it down in front of her but proceeded to continue beaking the shell. Well I grabbed the nut, wanting to look it over, wondering if there was anything wrong with it for her to have put it down.

The look the she gave me.

It seemed like a mixture of disbelief and sadness that I would take her nut away. She just kept looking at me that way while holding the nut shell in her beak. I put the nut back and she happily went back to her destruction in progress.

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