Monday, January 9, 2012

9:365 - Simply Shade

This wasn't an easy one to get, but not because of a lack of cooperation on Shade's part.

A good part of these pictures either have Shade's eyes half closed due to me taking a picture probably too soon after a previous one (and her eyes having closed probably because of the flash which I had bouncing off the ceiling and not firing directly in her face) or because of the low light situation, the camera focused on the atom instead of Shade, resulting in slightly blurry pictures.

Eventually Zuri decided to join Shade on the atom, resulting in it moving.

Finally, Pixel also decided to join but unlike Zuri who was just watching what was going on, she had to land close to Shade, yet in a higher position and try to lunge/attack Shade. Unfortunately for Pixel, I had a feeling that was her intentions so I intervened with my free hand (and Shade having seemingly known what Pixel was going to do had proceeded to move away as well). Unfortunately for me, that meant one of my fingers got the blow of the attack, a nice bite on the nail. While this meant no cut/bleeding as a result, bites on the nail hurt A LOT. It's still sore.

I still managed to get a shot I liked in the end.

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