Monday, January 23, 2012

23:365 - Bat bird

The random generator did not want to give me an easy picture today - it picked Léa, as shown above.

What is not shown - my scratched up left hand/wrist/forearm given she kept flying to me instead of staying nicely in one spot and then held on as tightly as she could while I tried to put her down one handed (since my other hand was holding the camera).

And why did I keep on holding the camera instead of putting it down so I could put Léa down with more ease? Because if I wasn't somewhat ready to try and capture a shot right after I managed to ease her off I'd miss the opportunity. This photoshoot lasted a long time, and most of it was spent handling Léa.

So sorry for the not-so-sharp head. I still think it's a pretty neat shot showing her activity level.

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