Monday, January 30, 2012

I jumped on the bandwagon..

..and got some foraging blocks from Parrot Enrichment.

It had been something I had contemplated for a while but given recent expenditures around Christmas, I held off on making any subsequent purchases for a bit. However, Kris the owner of Parrot Enrichment recently had a sale on some of the blocks which had slight imperfections. It was hard to resist the sale so I ordered a few blocks..but the ironic thing is, I only ended up ordering one of the imperfect blocks, as I opted to get extra small puzzler blocks for the small Pois and Piper and I was interested in the revamped with more grooves small puzzler block for Léa. I believe only there were mostly older models imperfect for sales, although I did manage to get an updated medium puzzler foraging block with the discount.

The extra small puzzler foraging blocks

The medium and small puzzler foraging blocks

Just by looking at the medium puzzler foraging block, you can hardly see anything "wrong" with it - all that there was was a small chip above to of the holes on the other side of the block.

Finally, I also got a few puzzler foraging foot toys.

I'm thinking of maybe introducing the blocks to the birds over the week-end. Until then, I'll think about how I want to stuff them with goodies to eat/play with!


Kris Porter said...

Glad to see you have your blocks. The Medium Puzzler you have is one of the first group we made where the center side cuts are a little too deep and will break off with slightest effort. You just happened to luck out and get one I didn't break with the sander. We fixed the design to make the center stronger on all Medium Puzzler Foraging Blocks now.

Natacha said...

Thanks so much Kris!