Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A very generous gift

A little while back I had approached one of my friends on Avian Avenue, Stephanie (who also owns a Cape by the name of Olivia) about the rope she uses in most of her toys. She's a very creative person and I'm in awe in front of her homemade toys collection and the rope she uses seemed quite versatile and, to me, looked like it was easier to use (and easier on the fingers) than Paulie rope or leather. It also looked thicker than the hemp twine I use when I make foot toys, which would be practical as there is no need to make 3 knots at the end to make sure the beads don't fall off as well as probably making it more enticing to make knots between beads and given how my gang likes knots, it would be a good thing.

Not only did she divulged where she got it from but because you have to order at least $50 of stuff from the store in order to have a valid order, she offered to send a spool of the rope so I could try it out before committing to such an amount (I do wonder how many spools $50 would get you..)

The package came yesterday and I was blown away by Stephanie's generosity (although not surprised since I've witnessed her generosity on many occasions).

There wasn't just one spool of rope..there were two.

But that wasn't all! She included some beads and other wood pieces, items that are favorites of Olivia's.

Finally, she also included two foraging blocks from Parrot Enrichment!

Thank you so much Stephanie! I'm guessing I'll be busy making toys for the birds this week-end!


Meg said...

What kind of rope is it? Claudia loves toys with millions of strands, so I am always looking for better stringing options. And Frank is always chewing through the hanging material first (he gets a lot of skewers for my sanity) so anything that looks thick and sturdy I am interested in!

Natacha said...

The rope is from this place:

and I believe the code for the rope is CCC721LB.

It's cotton rope.