Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3:365 - The picture that almost never was

I knew this morning that I was going to take a picture of Piper as we had the random generator pick a number early on - #1.

But this picture almost didn't come to be.


I didn't want to take a picture early this morning and when we come back home from work, the Boy is with the little ones while I have Léa out, meaning I could only get my picture when they came out after dinner.

And that almost didn't happen. When we had Nemo out (just prior to the other littles coming out), the power was cut from our building. This was the second time in a week. The first time, we got notice about an hour before it was going to be cut that it had to happen to do repairs and that we'd be out for about 3 hours. This time around, it just cut, making us believe at first that it might be a random power outage, but the fact that buildings around us, including the second building of this complex, had electricity, we had a sneaky suspicion it was related to that first problem. The Boy went downstairs to check and we were right. This time around, the repairs were only to take 20 minutes but I wasn't happy with the fact that they didn't feel the need to announce that they were going to cut the power this time.

In any case, the power came back and I was able to take my picture.

I also have two honourable mentions - two other pictures I really like from this mini-shoot and that I felt the need to share.

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Coco said...

Love love love that Piper... never seen a cuter lovie :)