Friday, January 20, 2012

Léa's telephone noises

Yup, that is noises plural.

Earlier this week right after coming home from work and before letting the birds out, the Boy was in the living room while I went to get something in the bedroom. I heard the familiar noise of someone pressing buttons on the phone. I asked the Boy if he was checking voicemail and he said that he thought I was the one handling the phone..before saying "that was Léa". She confused both of us so I think it's fair to say she's got it down perfectly.

And just now, I had another realization. She does make the sound of a ringing phone and it's always eluded me as to which ring it was exactly until now. She has the pattern down of the long distance ring. Of course, the reason it was crystal clear now is because, for the first time, she did it right after the phone rang, and it was a long distance call.

She also said "Allo" shortly after, although not close enough for it to have been an association. And it was "Allo" not "Hello" - I typically answer the phone with "Allo" (what can I say, years of habit of answering the phone in French) and it's also how I greet the birds. Generally, those long distance phone calls are answered by the Boy since they are either his parents or telemarketers and such and he most definitively uses the English greeting.

She definitively seems to prefer the French lately - but honestly, I do find the sound of it fits her little girly voice better!

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