Wednesday, February 1, 2012

32:365 - The Director

At first glance, I'm sure most don't see the link between the title and the picture.

Well, it's because there isn't. No link with the picture itself but a there is a link to the picture taking process.

See, lately Léa has taken to want to be behind the camera, sitting on my shoulder. She will constantly fly back to me, making taking pictures a bit more challenging. She does not attempt to chew the camera (surprisingly enough) but she likes it when I show her the pictures on the back of it and she mutters things, unintelligible to me, but it does seem like she's trying to have a conversation about what she's seeing since the moment the screen goes black she stops. It's cute. It also looks like she's trying to direct the photo shoot although without her as the model, there isn't really a photo shoot.

I'll also take this opportunity to do more Léa-bragging.

She still doesn't say "No" (again, very surprising) but she seems to have gathered the concept of saying "Oui oui" ("Yes" - and both "oui" were said very distinctly) with an almost sarcastic tone (no doubt an imitation of my own sarcastic tone). And it's not so much that she uses it to say "yes"; I've understood as in "yeah..yeah..". An example? Yesterday she was doing something she shouldn't be doing (and knowingly did so) and I gave her a firm "Léa" - and she respond with "oui oui". She seemed proud of herself and I was left speechless.

As well, I believe I mentioned a while ago that we believed we heard her say "Allo" once - well she did it again yesterday very clearly while we were playing and she was going through all her known noises, the "allo" eventually came out.

She is also very trusting of us - this morning she was playing with a string of beads at the edge of my computer desk, the edge where I sit and she just let herself fall backwards into my arms with her beads in her foot. It was quite hilarious to see although I was relieved she decided to do this where I was sitting.

Finally, let's talk about the coral feathers on her forehead. Yes, I know, again. You can see on the picture above that it's a slow process - there is some colour, but the feathers are growing in slowly. Well I guess that should be were growing in slowly - at the rate of one coral feather at the time, as no new coral pin would appear until the previous has blossomed into a beautiful feather. Well this was true on Monday. I found one new pin as the previous one was opening up. Yesterday I found two new coral pins, bringing the total to three. Today, I found another two additional coral pins! Five nice new coral feathers on the way! Maybe by the time she turns 9 months old she'll have a nice obvious line of coral feathers up there!

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