Sunday, February 26, 2012

57:365 - Luck of the draw

Today was the start of a new week for the pictures in this project and while Piper had the last picture of last week, turns out that he was randomly selected to start this new week.

I noticed yesterday that his lower mandible was slightly overgrown on the left side and a visit to the vet to rectify this will be in order. Not entirely surprising since he has suffered in the past an injury to the right side of his beak; while he was lucky that it did end up healing well, my vet did say that we should keep an eye on his beak since it was quite possible there would be some long term effects.

In any case, he was also due for his yearly check-up so might as well take care of it all in one go!

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Sylvia S. said...

Oh Natacha, Piper is so photogenic. He has beautiful pastel colors, wthout the dark orange face so common with the Peach-Faced. He seems such a sweetheart. I hope he has established his high pecking order within your flock, given that he is the first bird in your current flock, and also the tiniest. CUTE!