Friday, February 3, 2012

34:365 - Just preening

Joey's typical response to having a camera pointed at him - just start preening.

In fact, I nearly chose to post this picture, one of the first from today's shoot.

I don't wanna!

"I don't wanna!" would have been the title in that case. A reflection of what I perceived Joey's attitude in the picture to be (he kept his head down for quite some time and had turned his back to me) as well as how I felt about the whole daily picture thing today. I feel that my mostly sleepless week has finally caught up with me and I'm exhausted. The idea of having to take a picture was the last thing on my mind. In fact, Petey was supposed to be today's "bird of the day" but when I realized I had yet to take my picture and given the tired state I was in..I felt it was safer to go with Joey and keep Petey for tomorrow.

I do like the picture I got so I guess things turned out in my favour.

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