Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Piper Story

"The Boy" here. Piper is a very smart bird. He has figured out that if he stands on the track pad of my laptop it is difficult for me to use the laptop and I have to pay attention to him. Even if I move him just next to the track pad and scratch his head he will move back onto the track pad so that he know I am paying full attention to him.

So the other day it was business as usual and Piper was on my track pad getting a head scratch and Joey came and landed next to Piper. I took the hand that was scratching Piper and used it to scratch Joey for a little bit. I had every intention to go back to scratching Piper. Piper didn't see it that way though. He looks up at me and gives me a look. Then he backs up over my keyboard and poos there! It all seemed very deliberate to me.

As I was typing this post Piper came and I had to move him a few times in order to finish typing!


Sylvia S. said...

You know what? I tell you, these Lovebird brains are highly underestimated by the general population. They ARE very intelligent, some would say, even more than their giant cousins.

I know exactly how little Piper was feeling and what he was thinking in this moment: Righteous Indignation! Like I said in another post here, I hope Piper is firmly perched in the highest rank of this flock's pecking order, a well-deserved spot. Seniority rules.

Natacha said...

He has a huge personality.
Trust me, he ranks high in pecking order - always first. He wouldn't have it any other way ;)