Wednesday, February 22, 2012

53:365 - Léa in Flight

"The Boy" here. Admittedly not the best shot. I have been experimenting with the best settings to be able to capture the birds in flight. I really like how this one shows her wingspan. I think it is going to take quite a bit more experimenting to get it right. Getting the focus right is the hardest part.


Lauren said...

What settings are you using to capture your birds in flight?
My conures are too fast, the pictures are always blurry ...

Natacha said...

My boyfriend took this one - and what he described the setting as on another place he posted this picture:
"This was taken with one SB-600, in the hotshoe, on manual at full power, bounced off the ceiling. I was using high speed sync though so the flash power was fairly reduced.

This was shot at 1/1000s (ISO 1600) so I don't think motion blur would be a problem. I think my next step would be to pre focus the shot and wait for her to be in the focal plane."

So he essentially used a off-camera flash and played with settings :)

Sylvia S. said...

OMG Natacha, she looks like an eagle, and angel from heaven. My heart flutters for a Cape. That will never change. WHAT A BEAUTY!!!

(F.Y.I. from Piper V.I.P "VERY IMPORTANT PARROT": She still ranks below him in flock seniority:-)