Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Léa, you are 9 months old today!

Another month has passed - it's hard to believe that in 3 months time you'll be a year old!

I've been pondering what to write this month. For starters, I don't recall any major scare on your behalf so that was good. And while you still go on the floor from time to time, you seem to have moved on from being obsessed about being down there as much as you could - thank you.

You still love taking your shower and if it was up to you, I think you'd have one everyday.

Your weight is back at a level that makes me happy and although you weren't a fan of sprouts when I first brought you home, this past month you seem to have changed your idea about them, for the better. You are still a bit difficult when it comes to veggies, but all in due time. At least you gobble sweet potato out very readily when it's warmed up for you.

Let's talk about you colours..

Now, you don't have that solid band of coral on your head yet, but it's definitively grown since last month, particularly on your left side where the coral seems to have come in enough to be very visible at all times.

Your grey bib has also come in quite a bit - in fact, it's looking quite full and grey now.

Close-up of the bib

In fact, your whole head is well on it's way to being fully grey - there is still a tiny spot of baby green at the very back of your head, but given how many grey pins you have growing back there, I doubt it'll last for much longer. The contrast between your light grey head and green body is very nice, well at least I find!

As for the coral on your wings, I think they'll be soon nicely speckled with coral.
The two feathers (side by side) on your right side and the three feathers on the left are now nicely showing -

- but there is something more. You have more coral pins growing on your "shoulders". Now these feathers like to play hide-and-seek right now, only showing occasionally for the time being, so they were hard to capture.

You have one on your right "shoulder" (that I know of anyway) -

- and you have two on your left side, although I only managed to capture one in photo.

However, that is not the only change on your wings. I have noticed that around that "shoulder" area as well, you have started to molt out some of your baby green feathers and they have been growing back darker, in an almost emerald green colour. They are gorgeous and I can imagine the stronger contrast they'll create with your grey head and whatever coral will be showing. Those are kinda hard to take pictures of, but I do think they show up on the following pictures.

Right side

Left side

So the physical changes have been subtle this past month but it seems like you are gearing up for more bigger ones to come. As always, it's very interesting to watch you grow up, specially when you surprise me with the apparition of a new feather or when you start showing off a new sound or uttering a new word!

To finish, a few more pictures of you being kooky and fun!

Monkey bird

Shaking her head

Scratching her head and being very coy about it!

One last picture, a total accident. You were taking off as I was taking the picture. Your head is a little cut off but I like it all the same!


Kacy said...

Happy 9 months Lea!!! I hope you have a special monthday!

Coco said...

Wow!!! Her wings look magnificent!!! She definitely looks visibly bigger as well -- she's growing up! :) Love the "Lola Toy" too :D

Natacha said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Lauren said...

Happy 9 months Lea! You're becoming such a beautiful bird!

Just wondering, how much does she weigh?

Natacha said...

@Lauren - around 308g. And thank you! :)