Thursday, February 2, 2012

33:365 - Scratch my head

I think the picture is self explanatory.

Piper loves getting his head scratched, especially now since he has quite a few pin feathers growing over over his head and down his neck. If I'm not willing to give any head scratched at one moment in time, he'll try to force himself under one of my hands so that I "get the message" and if I still ignore his request, he'll go see the Boy. Only the Boy doesn't get the choice since Piper normally sits on the track pad of his laptop, preventing him to do any work/browsing.

But Piper isn't the only one requesting head scratches lately; normally independent Zuri has had his share of demands, both Red-bellies as well as Léa. Shade normally gets her pin feathers dealt with by Zuri (but rarely returns the favour for very long), not that she'll turn down an opportunity to get her head scratched by me should I offer it. Joey will approach me with a certain gleam in his eye and it's unmistakable what the message is...and should I ignore him, well, he might not be very happy (and I'll be stuck avoiding a bite). Pixel will downright place her herself in front of me and turn her head ever which way looking up at me as if to say "come on, scratch!". Léa - it's tough. She's extremely pinny right now and while it's undoubtedly itchy, her mood as to whether she wants a scratch or not changes. I'm guessing the way some feathers might be moved during a head scratch if they are still very sensitive might hurt. These past two days she's requested a fair share of head scratching but a few days prior to that it was a clear "don't touch".

As for Petey - no matter how itchy he is, I'm sure he would do anything to avoid having me touch his head. So he gets his head scratched from the Boy.

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