Friday, February 24, 2012

A warm welcome back

So I'm back.

The Boy took over the 365 project for a week since I had to go to Germany for family related issues. I just came back and am exhausted but couldn't resist going to greet the birds the moment my boots were off. And I think they were quite happy to see me; Zuri was bobbing away, Shade leaned in for a nice head scratched and did her excited eye pin, Piper was running around making sure I paid attention to him, Pixel and Joey, like Shade, were pinning their eyes in excitement and were "talking" to me (I even got a "Wooo" from Pixel) and Léa was making noises and running around like Piper trying to get my attention. Only Petey didn't seem to thrilled with my return.

I have some catching up to do it seems!


Maya said...

Welcome back!! :) What a great feeling it must have been to see all your babies again! I know the trip wasn't that long, but just being away at work seems much too long for me to be away from the birds! LOL

Natacha said...

It was great to see them - one of the few things I was looking forward to coming back home :)