Wednesday, February 8, 2012

39:365 - Wings

Alternatively, this picture could have been named "when bird owners look stupid" as I roped in the Boy to try and get Joey to stretch by stretching ourselves (I did participate and I'm sure I looked even more stupid as I was holding a camera to my face at the same time, making sure I wouldn't miss "the shot"). But hey, it worked! I got a few more that I'll probably share tomorrow.

As well, my challenge of the week of taking pictures with my 70mm f/2.4 lens has come to an abrupt, unplanned and sad ending today. The lens is fine - however, my flash, in all appearances, has died and without it, I just can't take pictures that would make me happy with my camera (I refuse to use the built-in flash) so I have to borrow the Boy's camera and external flash. And since he and I don't use the same brand, I can't use my lens on his camera. This makes me unhappy for many reasons; one, having to buy a new flash is not something I want to do but will since I've become dependent on it in a way and two, I know my camera very well and got to know my flash very well. Settings I used with them do NOT transfer to this new camera and flash I have to use. And given some nights the birds aren't entirely happy about sitting still for too long, I don't really have time to learn the subtleties of the Boy's camera.

I'll have to fix this sooner than later, but sooner might not be until Saturday.