Friday, February 10, 2012

41:365 - The Zu

His nickname.
Today I didn't take many pictures, luckily Zuri is always fairly photogenic.

It's been a long day. Actually, it's been a long few couple of days and the week ahead won't be any easier.

The end result is that I'm very tired and the birds, the little ones at least, seem to have noticed and are good in the morning when they are out with me. Léa..a calm Léa is an oxymoron although this afternoon she's been as good as she could when she was out alone with me. Cuddled for a bit and then played nicely for the most part (except that turning herself on her back and blaming everything around but herself for this predicament, including my poor finger).

Now just hoping they behave until it's time for them to go to bed.

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Lauren said...

Love the contrast of the picture !