Sunday, February 5, 2012

Léa isn't the only one with a pinny head..

..Zuri's head is filled with pin feathers too, specially on his forehead.

Which means it's itchy. Which means he's constantly asking to have his head scratched.
Even Shade has taken to moving away when he approaches her with his head down. So he's been much more needy and somewhat affectionate towards me than he's ever been.

I'm happy to scratch his head from time to time, but every single time he comes out for as long as I can, as he does not get tired of it it seems, is a bit much. If I stop he just gets closer and will nudge my hand to continue. Moving him to another gym doesn't work either as he'll come right back.

At least he's not trying to snap randomly like he's done in the past.

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