Wednesday, February 29, 2012

60:365 - Straight on

He's obsessed with perching on my computer screen if Shade is on me or if I would happen to be scratching Piper's,Joey's and/or Pixel's head(s). 'Cause there's no way I would be allowed to scratched someone else's head if he's not getting his scratched too..


Meg said...

Ok, now that is just so cute! I really like this photo, lots of personality.

Oh, and shouldn't this be a 366 d\picture project? I just thought of that today being leap day.

Natacha said...

It will probably end up being 365 + 1 - I think I have an idea of what I would do for that last picture :)

saswato chatterjee said...

may be he does not like u to be busy with something else :)