Thursday, February 9, 2012

40:365 - What is Piper doing?

a) starting to yawn
b) telling me off
c) showing to another bird how big and strong he is

On brighter note from yesterday, it seems my flash was just being temperamental. It actually complied today and started working again. It makes me happy, that's an expense I would have rather not have to deal with right now.


Lauren said...

I would say answer c) but not sure about it lol.
He is very cute !

Merci pour ta visite sur mon blog ;)
Sache que je suis ton blog depuis très longtemps et c'est sa beauté qui m'a donné envie de créer le mien!
Fantastic work ! Vivement les prochains articles!

Natacha said...

The answer is actually a) :)

Merci pour tes gentils mots! C'est très apprécié!