Monday, January 11, 2010

Birdroom - The pictures

My dad came and helped me put hooks in the ceiling so I finally got some things up and my the birds' room is actually starting to look like a "birdroom".

It's not quite completed I think..for now it's more than ok, but I might want some more hooks in the future to put another dimension to things..right now, the gyms are mostly going around the room, maybe I'll be able to use the space in the middle better later on.

In any case, the birds seem to be enjoying it.

Pictures of course!

South and East walls (the curtain side is South - wall to wall windows!)

East wall - a bit depleted but I will probably hang more toys later on (Piper, Shade and Zuri's cage, as well as an empty cage are against this wall)

South and West walls

West wall (Petey, Joey and another empty cage against this wall)

North side (closet) - a bit depleted but I might add a chair or something on that side so I wouldn't want too many things overhead

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Tracy said...

OMG! That's great! What a parrot paradise!