Friday, January 1, 2010

Ready for take-off

Happy New Year everyone!


Tracy said...

I LOVE the Meyers...and love the take off position. :o) How friendly is yours?

Natacha said...

This one is actually not mine, it's my mom's Meyer's. I'm birdsitting her Senegal and Meyer's for a few more days.

Meyer's tend to be quite nice in general. I think I have exceptions, although they aren't "evil"..the oldest one has not had an easy past and something made her hate women, although she's improving with me slowly and the other one has had a rough start of life, being shuffled around (previous owner got diagnosed with cancer and then died) and she needs to have boundaries set for her but she's learning :)

Neither really live up to the more cuddly reputation of the Meyer's, but that's ok, I have my Senegal who loves to snuggle under my hair :)

Alexy said...

Wow you take such great pictures!!!

-Tweetysmommyalexy from BB