Monday, January 18, 2010

Hanging out by the bridge

Or on the bridge as the case may be.

Some pictures of most of my flock with the new "Pont Levis" from "Les Jouets Rosie. Piper would rather stay on me of course than go on the new swing.

First on it was Joey, which is often the case with anything new.

He sat on it for a while..

Then tried figuring out what was the best angle to start chewing the rope.

Then Zuri came along (also no surprise there), and she liked trying to get at the wood on top.

Joey and Zuri in the background

Shade liked Zuri's idea of chewing the wood and she took a different approach; sit on another toy/perch while chewing (this also give you a whole perspective of where/how the bridge is hanging)

Finally, Petey was quite content just sitting there. Might be those comfortable cotton covered perches :)

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